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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hamilton Township council to address settlement with Trenton Water Works

At tonight's Hamilton town council meeting, the group will address a settlement in its suit against its water utility, Trenton Water Works.

Councilman Dave Kenny said the agreement would provide for a financial settlement with the utility, as well as documentation of where its employees worked, and whether they worked in other city departments. He praised the agreement in advance of tonight's meeting.

"I think it is a good settlement, it provides more oversight and insight for the township over Trenton Water Works," he said.
The issue emerged at last month's meeting as well. The council, particularly Councilman Ed Gore, have repeatedly raised concerns over use -- and misuse -- of funds from Hamilton residents' water bills.

"This is money from the taxes of Hamilton residents that is being misused by the city of Trenton," he said at the time.

In particular, he pointed to an August report in The Trentonian over a Trenton Water Works employee running a city department.

Last month, Township Attorney Lindsay Burbage said the utility was coming close to reaching a settlement with the township.

“We will ensure that all employees paid by Trenton Water Works work for Trenton Water Works,” Burbage said.

No calls back yet from other council members, city of Trenton or the township administration.

Stay tuned for more information. I'll be posting here and @awisefool for the meeting tonight.


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