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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hamilton Township Education Association backs four board candidates

Tim Bauersachs
Greg Schultz
Al Gayzik
Jen Barnock-Riddell

In another twist of the perpetually tangled school board race here in Hamilton, the local Education Association has decided to back candidates.

The teacher's union, through its political action committee the Hamilton Township Friends of Education, has endorsed four candidates in the race: Jennifer Barnock-Riddell, Tim Bauersachs, Albert Gayzik and Greg Schultz.

Notably, neither Richard Kanka or Eric Hamilton, the two incumbent members in the race, received a nod.

Fred Schwartz, the president of the group, said they wanted a "breath of fresh air that our school board needs to ensure that our children are provided with a great education in a great school system," in an email.

He also discouraged voters from casting their ballots with any of the incumbents.

You can find more information about all the candidates here and the ongoing issues of the campaign here.


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