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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mayor Kevin Meara announces police hiring process, new police procedures

Hamilton Mayor Kevin Meara, as another part of his short tenure, has announced a series of public safety measures.

He said he has initiated a process to replace the four police officers who retired in August and September. Currently, the police force is at 166 out of 170 budgeted officers. Hamilton Police Chief James Collins said that as many as 15 officers could retire in the next year, meaning they may need to hire as many as 19 officers.

"It could get to a level that it would take a long long time to get back," Meara said.

He said he also wanted the police to establish a standard operating procedure for when they encounter people with substance or alcohol abuse problems. Collins said the department already has a standardized procedure when handling domestic abuse changes.

The hiring of officers will not happen immediately. In fact, the township likely will not finish the first administrative step to start those hires -- receiving the lists of eligible people -- before Meara's replacement takes over.

He said that, along with other moves he's made in his short tenure, could be easily reversed once the next mayor takes over.

"The ship is starting to turn in a positive direction that is not only desired by the residents, but demanded," he said.


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