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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Police roundup: Hamilton woman shot and drug bust

From Trentonian police reporter Brian Dzenis:

Hamilton woman murdered in Ewing

EWING — A Hamilton woman was taken off life support early Monday morning after she was shot just after midnight on Sunday.
Danielle Schrenk, 21, of Hamilton, was sitting in a parked car on Rosedale Avenue between Morse and Parkside Avenues with a friend when she was shot from outside her black Honda Accord.
The exact circumstances of the shooting remain under investigation, but a source told The Trentonian that the early signs indicate a drug deal gone bad. Schrenk and her friend were at the corner of Morse and Rosedale Avenues for the alleged purposes of buying drugs. A dispute broke out between the dealer and friend that led to the dealer firing one or two shots at the friend. Those bullets missed the friend and struck Schrenk in the back.
You can find the full story here.

Vermont man arrested with $25,000 in coke in Hamilton

HAMILTON — A traffic stop resulted in the seizure of $25,000 in powder cocaine and a handgun last Wednesday.
The Mercer County Prosecutor Office’s Special Investigations Unit received information that Eric Deltoro, 38, of Websterville, Vt., was coming from his home state to Hamilton to purchase a large quantity of cocaine. Hamilton police saw Deltoro buying gas at a gas station on South Broad Street and arrested him without incident following a traffic stop. Deltoro’s wife and young son were with him in the vehicle at the time of his arrest.
You can read the full story here.


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