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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hamilton to foot bill for volunteer background checks

Hamilton Township will soon foot the bill for its volunteers’ background checks, after a grant through the Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation has run out.
Business Administrator John Ricci said the township has set aside $20,000 in the budget for reimbursing those background checks, which cost $26 each. Because it is based on the number of new volunteers, Ricci said not all of the $20,000 might be used this year.
“I am sure that Richard, Maureen and the Foundation will continue to work each and every day to receive a grant yet again, and in the meantime, Hamilton Township is proud to be able to fulfill the need for funding this important program,” Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede said in a press release.
Ricci said the township will reimburse the coaches through the various league and organizations they volunteer for. He said the checks are required by ordinance for any volunteers who work with children, including coaches.
He said the foundation, run by Richard and Maureen Kanka, was able to obtain a grant to cover the program for the past several years, but that money had run out.


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