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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hamilton Board of Education votes to create elementary Spanish program

Hamilton’s elementary school students got one step closer to having a restored Spanish program after the board approved money for the teachers at its meeting Wednesday night.
The board voted for salaries for four Spanish teachers out of the district’s annual balance of money. The board took $500,000 out of a recommended $3.5 million transfer to capital reserve that Superintendent James Parla said would go toward replenishing funds depleted by emergency repairs.
Board President Jeff Hewitson said the district had several priorities in the situation, including longterm facilities problems and lagging student achievement. The idea, forwarded by Board Member Al Gayzik, would also include more money for positions supervising extracurricular activities.
“Our education has been suffering and our facilities have been suffering, both,” Hewitson said. “Language is so important, it helps them with our other courses as well.”
Board Member Jennifer Barnock-Ridell and Parla recommended the board hold off until the administration had a better plan for the program. Barnock-Ridell was the only board member to vote no.
“There’s an attitude of ‘Let’s put it here let’s put it there’ without anything real well thought out,” she said.
Board Vice President Joe Malagrino said the district will work with its food provider, Chartwells, to improve the quality of the schools’ food service. He said the company will provide higher quality ingredients and rotating cooking workshops at the middle and high schools in the district.
You can read the full story here.


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