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Friday, December 28, 2012

Crime rates rise in New Jersey

Crime, overall, came in as a mixed bag for New Jersey in 2011. Violent crime went down by less than half a percent, while crime overall went up by about three percent.
Trenton saw an increase of less than one percent in overall crime. Hamilton had 2,015 crimes reported to authorities over the year, down from 2,076 in 2010. Crime went up by about two percent countywide.
Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede said the department there has taken steps to deal with the year-over-year rise in crime in neighboring Trenton, which has cut more than 100 police officers in the past two years.
“Our police department has prepared to address any anticipated crime coming into Hamilton from our border areas,” she said. “we will continue to be proactive in addressing crime and crime statistics. What we’ve realized is in our prep for criminal that are coming into Hamilton is they are more likely to stay in Trenton. People are more likely to realize it is easier to commit a crime in Trenton than it is in Hamilton.”
You can read the rest of the story here.


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