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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hamilton High West passes inspection after board raises health concerns

After more than half an hour of concerns expressed at the last school board meeting — and comparisons to a condemned state prison — Hamilton decided it will not close down parts of Hamilton High West.
Jeff Plunkett, the township’s chief health department officer, said he visited the school Thursday morning, but did not recommend closing portions of the school. He did ask that the school remove an old, rusted, leaking radiator from a coaches’ area near the men’s locker room.
“They were doing exactly what we require them to do,” he said.
Plunkett said he noted issues with sewer drainage in one of the locker rooms that could spill out to other portions of the building, such as a coaches’ area and the school’s wrestling room. He said though, that as long as the school closes off those areas when the flooding happens and cleans up properly before reopening, it did not present a health risk.
“In that sense it is no different than when some business’ sump pump goes out,” he said.
You can read the full story here.


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