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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hamilton to use COPS grant to hire new officers

HAMILTON — Thetownship will apply for funding for more than half a dozen new police officers through a federal program this week.
The township, if it receives the grant, would need to furnish $1.6 million to receive $1 million in federal matching funds, which would be used to hire eight officers above the department’s current 169-officer complement.
The Community Oriented Policing Services grant application added to an ongoing discussion on council and in the township about the number of police officers in the department. Councilman Kevin Meara said he wants the township to hire more officers, regardless of whether it receives the grant.
“If we need these police officers then they should be in the budget right now, regardless of the grant,” he said.
Township Business Administrator John Ricci equated it to the many other grant programs the township applies for over the year.He said the township applies for a large number of grants, which vary from road construction to placing trees along the turnpike.
“For instance, with road projects, we apply for a grant and if it is approved we will pave more roads, but if we don’t get it we don’t pave those roads,” he said.
Meara said he wanted the township to look at hiring more police officers as part of a larger plan to curb crime in Hamilton.
“If the taxpayers are going to be liable for more than $1 million then you don’t do it because it would be nice, you have to have a plan,” he said. “Personally I have an inkling we do need additional police officers. I think that is an a decision of the administration that we don’t need more officers.”
You can read the full story here.


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