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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Money pours into Hamilton mayor's race

HAMILTON — Donors on both sides have started plunking down cash for Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede and her Democratic opponent, Barbara Plumeri, even with the special election still more than six months away.

The pair raised large amounts for a municipal race — more, even than the legislative candidates for the 14th district, which has been regarded as a close race — according to state disclosures. Both took it as a sign of their support from the people of Hamilton, and their campaign.

“I’m very pleased by the support,” Yaede said. “I believe that it shows improvement in the confidence of the mayor’s position in the township.”

“They believe as I do that it is past time to clean up from the mess of the Bencivengo-Yaede years and restore ethics to town hall,” Plumeri said.

Yaede raised $109,809.95 since January and Plumeri raised $65,575. Expenses for the campaigns bring the two a little closer to each other: Yaede has $65,167.46 in her campaign account and Plumeri has $51,008. Still, the amount of cash-on-hand both have more closely resembles the war chests incumbent mayors have had in past elections than the relatively new campaigns of Yaede and Plumeri.

Both Yaede and Plumeri followed through on pledges to disclose all donations, whether or not they met the $300 threshold. The records come from the 30-day primary election report with the New Jersey Election Enforcement Commission.

“I congratulate her for joining me in doing it. It is the right thing to do,” Plumeri said.

You can read the full story here.


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