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Friday, October 5, 2012

Funky Friday: Job report conspiracy truthiness edition

The latest jobs numbers are out, and here's a quick summary from the AP on its effect on the presidential race:

The figures announced by the Labor Department - 114,000 new jobs last month to bring the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent - gave Obama fresh evidence on the heels of his disappointing debate performance to argue that his economic policies are working. Romney countered that the country can't afford four more years of the president's leadership and argued that the rate is low in part because some people have quit looking for work.

And via Slate, here's some cheery outlooks for both Obama and Romney.

The positive numbers aren't without their detractors though. A few conservatives are making the (absurd) claim that somebody in the Obama administration has juiced the numbers. From the Politico story on the issue:

A cadre of conservatives from Jack Welch to Allen West are crying conspiracy over Friday’s good economic news, accusing the White House of cooking the books to boost President Barack Obama’s prospects for reelection.

The word from Republicans who have worked with the jobs numbers before? Bunk.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the federal department responsible for these numbers, has not yet crunched the results for New Jersey. Although last month's numbers put unemployment at more than 9 percent in the Garden State.

In addition, Senate candidates Menendez and Kyrillos square off in a televised debate.

Getting real local; in the Hamilton School Board race, President Patty Del Giudice has responded to allegations from board candidate George Fisher that she has a relationship with Marliese Ljuba, the former agent for Vineland-based Allen Associates the company at the center of the scandal involving the mayor.

The latest crop of photos surfaced in a full-page ad Fisher took out in the Hamilton Post. More on the board race to come. The next board meeting will be Oct. 17, a few weeks before the election.

ICYMI: You might want to watch out if you drive on I-195 regularly.

And here's a new band for me, Low Cut Connie, to play me out:


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